Loving Girls To The Moon

We are super excited about our new community friendship with Girls To The Moon. Founded by three incredible women: Knight, Courtenay, and Courtney, they are creating an enriching and encouraging place for young girls age 8-14. In September they hosted the first ever Girls To The Moon Campference and we were delighted to be a[…]


Face Off Creations Wow The Audience!

In April, we invited members of the Nashville community to come to our studio, learn to create their own special effects makeup and then compete in a Face Off/reality show style competition. In front of a live audience at Pearl Cohn High School, 4 incredibly talented students spent 3 hours, shaping facial prosthetics, painting, airbrushing, costuming,[…]

Fairytale teal

Spring Break TV Camp Fun

 NECAT’s Spring Break camps were a fun way to meet new people, learn TV production, experiment      with special effects makeup, and become a public access TV star. This year we chose a Fairy Tale    themed camp full of magical creatures, famous princesses, and a mischievous woodland faun. The  students turned NECAT studios[…]