June 9, 2015

Show Requirements

How to Get Your Show Approved on the First Try:

Use the information on this sheet as you plan and shoot the first four episodes of your new series for approval by the Program Review Committee.

As Producer, you accept and incur sole and full responsibility and liability for the content of the programs you submit for broadcast on the NECAT Network. You must sign a broadcast agreement for each series prior to broadcast.

1. Make each episode exactly 28:30 in length. (This only applies to the Access Nashville channel. For shows broadcasting on the Music City Arts and iQtv Education channels, we ask that they get as close to 30/60/90 minutes as possible without going over.) 

2. Include the Producer’s name and contact information AT LEAST ONE TIME in the program with up to two forms of contact. This can include an email address, phone number, mailing address, or non-commercial website.

a. If a website is used as a form of contact, the website’s landing page cannot be commercial in nature, contain a “buy” or “donate now” button, cannot contain superlatives like “best” and cannot include an “ask” or “call to action.”

b. If any guests/talent are present during the show, their name and one form of contact information may, but does not have to be, included.

3. If you choose to use a channel logo, NECAT logo, or contact information, make sure it is current and accurate. For example, inclusion of the old CATV logo and identification is prohibited as it causes confusion under the NECAT Network station identification and does not meet the NECAT Network production quality standards.

4. Do not include color bars or countdown at the beginning of the show. Neither is allowed.

5. Do not use superlatives (like “best” or “most”). They are considered endorsements and are not allowed. Examples include, “X is the best,” “Y’s meatball sub is the most delicious in all of Nashville,” “Z is by far the most evil and corrupt politician in Tennessee,” etc.

6. Do now make any financial “asks” or “calls to action” that are commercial in nature. Do not include an ask even if it relates to a nonprofit or governmental organization – without first seeking permission from NECAT. The perfect alternative is to use a phrase such as “Find out more at blahblahblah.org.”

7. Do not include any prominent or persistent displays of commercial products, logos or promotional material.

8. Do not use any hate speech or hate messaging. This is speech and messaging that offends, threatens, or insults groups based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. In this country there is no right to speak fighting words—those words without social value that would provoke a reasonable member of the group about whom the words are spoken. Hate speech does not necessarily include profanity or racial slurs. If such language is present, however, the program will be scheduled in a late-night time slot.

9. Do not promote lotteries, games of chance, or raffles for money or prizes.

10. Do not use material violating local, state, or federal obscenity or libel laws.

11. Do not use unlawful or copyrighted material.

12. Do not use material which has a reasonable probability of creating an immediate physical danger or legal injury to persons or property, or which creates a public nuisance (such as interfering with public health/safety or promoting unsafe acts to the community at large–such as the network TV show Jackass).

13. Do not use any other material contrary to local, state, or federal laws.

14. If your show includes material that may be unsuitable for viewing by children (including but not limited to: graphic violence, profanity, adult language, nudity and/or strong sexual content), as the Producer you must inform NECAT staff. NECAT may require you to include an appropriate warning at the beginning of the program and in other sections of the program. NECAT may also schedule the program in a late-night time slot.

15. Do not include any nudity from waist to knee. NECAT must abide by the federal, “waist to knee” regulation. This means that anything from the waist to the knee must be clothed. All other forms of nudity are acceptable.



  • submit them for approval by the Program Review Committee (typically about two weeks turnaround time)
  • watch for an email from NECAT Associate Director Katie Veglio either announcing the Committee’s approval of your how or providing a list of items to correct in order for it to be approved
  • make any changes listed by the Program Review Committee and re-submit
  • once approved, your show will be assigned at least 1 weekly time slot. (If available, a 2nd and/or 3rd time slot will be assigned. These are not guaranteed time slots. Yearly membership guarantees 1 weekly time slot.)
  • be sure to submit new episodes in order to meet the required delivery schedule of 5 episodes total in the first 6 months and 5 additional episodes for the second 6 months of your membership year. Failure to submit at this frequency may mean that your time slots are reassigned to other Producers.
  • additional time slots may be assigned as they become available when shows are removed. Such slots are then re-assigned to Producers in good standing (who have delivered the required number of shows per year and paid their dues on time).