June 10, 2015

Submitting a Show

All episodes submitted for Access Nashville (channel 19) by midnight Monday will be processed on Tuesday and Wednesday to air the following week. Use the chart to the right to determine the start date of your episode.

Episodes that broadcast on Music City Arts (channel 9) and iQtv Education (channel 10) are scheduled each Saturday and Sunday for broadcast the following week. 

Episode Submission Form     back to top

Please fill out this form for EVERY episode you are submitting.

Producers should check off below and email the forms specifically relating to EACH person, location, piece of music, and copyrighted element of EACH EPISODE to cameron@necatnetwork.org

By completing this online form you are agreeing that you understand that turning in false licensing documents will result in an immediate loss of your membership, a ban from NECAT, and an end to broadcast of all your episodes. You warrant and represent that this document and all documents submitted to NECAT are complete and accurate. You accept that a breach hereunder may result in personal liability for copyright infringement and other violations of the law. You agree to indemnify and hold NECAT harmless as set forth in the Broadcast Agreement. Submitting an episode with incomplete licensing shall mean a 3-month ban from broadcasting, though studio privileges remain intact.