Zombies are alive at fall break camp

tshirt frontWe love our fall breaks at NECAT because the undead come alive in our studio. Our 2015 fall break camp was a big hit with our students putting their interview skills and creative talents to the test to create some fun and unique zombie themed TV shows. 

Students spent 2 days learning how to operate our TV production equipment in our studio. They learned to operate cameras, create basic sets with spooky lighting, run a teleprompter, mix the audio, live edit the show using our video switcher, and act as Floor Director, host, and Producer. 

Day three was everyone’s favorite I think, Rick Price – our Artist-In-Residence and special effects makeup artist – taught the students how to create cool zombie makeup and even applied some gory, bloody bites to everyone! 

My favorite part of these camps is seeing the ideas and creations of the students come to life! We challenged each of them to create a zombie personality based on Rick’s zombie design and create an interview style show around that personality. They had to come up with costumes, green screen sets, scripts, and crew for the shoots. It was a lot of work, but they rose to the challenge and create some incredible TV for NECAT! 



We hope you enjoy their work, I know we did!