April 23, 2015

Become a Member

Membership Levels

There are 2 membership levels, Technician and Producer.

  1. Technician level membership has an annual fee of $50.00. As a Technician you can volunteer as crew on the production shoots of NECAT Producers. Production 1 class is required.
  2. Producer level membership has an annual fee of $100.00. As a Producer, you can book the studio, borrow equipment, and submit shows to air on NECAT channels. Production 1 and 2 classes are required.

Ready to Join?

You must join at the technician level to take the Production 1 class. NECAT only accepts credit card payments. We do not offer online paymet.

  1. To register, email pegstudio@nashville.gov, or call 615-354-1731.
  2. Pay over the phone. Or we’ll call you for payment.