May 7, 2015


PDF Operations Forms      

Code Of Conduct – NECAT/PEG Studio rules. This must be signed by all members. 

FTP and Accepted Video Formats – These instructions will walk you through uploading your new episode to our server and help you set up your video in the correct format for broadcast. Once uploaded you MUST fill out the Online Submission Form.

Single Parking Pass – We encourage you to send this to your guests ahead of time. 

Directions To The Studio – These are helpful to send to first time visitors. 


PDF Licensing Forms

Music Chart – Start with the chart! This chart will walk you step by step through the music licensing process. 

Licensing Instruction Packet – This is the full instruction packet for licensing. Individual forms are listed below. 

Instructions For Using Music In Your Episode – These are the detailed instructions that explain the process of using music in your show. 

Broadcast Agreement – This agreement must be signed by Producers who are submitting a new show/series.

Appearance Release Form 1 – This form should be signed by every person appearing in your episode. 

Location Agreement Form 2 – This form should be filled out by the owner of any location that appears in your episode. If you film only at NECAT you do not need this form. 

Broadcast Rights & Synchronization License for Music Composition Form 3 – The owner of the song who is granting you permission to perform their song should fill out this form. 

Broadcast Rights & Master Use License for Sound Recording Form 4 – The owner of the song who is granting you permission to use a recorded track of their song should fill out this form.

General Copyright Release Form 5 – Any item that is under copyright (books, texts, images, scripts, visual arts, etc.)

Cue Sheet Form 6 – If you are paying the discounted rates to be able to perform someone else’s song in your episode you need to fill out this cue sheet. 

Sample Letter Form 7 – When submitting payment, you can include a letter like this one. 

What Other Release Forms Do I need Beyond Music? – This document will help you determine when you might use Form 1, Form 2, and Form 5